Bcs projected standings

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Boise State Broncos Projected To Be Atop First BCS Standings In October 11th, By Bryan Cross The first Bowl Championship Series standings are coming out next Sunday, October 16, and early indications are that the Boise State Broncos will be alone at the top. About the Rankings. Our system's approach is vastly different from the numerous computer rankings available and the goals can be summarized in two words — simplicity and accountability.

Simplicity. The computer program is designed to predict who is supposed to beat who and by how much. BCS Championship (BCS 1 vs. BCS 2) Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Florida St. Seminoles. Projected line: Alabama Alabama and Florid St. were both able to blowout their overmatched opponents last week to maintain the top two spots in the BCS standings.

However, an early look at projections shows the SEC clearly dominates the top ESPN’s BCS expert Brad Edwards projected the SEC to have five teams in the top Oct 16,  · ESPN will announce the season's first Bowl Championship Series standings on Sunday night, and according to projections, Boise State will be No.


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Bcs projected standings
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