Windows service c writing service installer

Creating Windows Services in C#

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Windows service c# writing service installer

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Simple Windows Service in C++

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This will create a service installer and a service process installer and show them to you in design view, ready for you to set their properties. If you've been reading about Windows Services documentation, you may wonder why you have to add an installer.

Windows Services normally are compiled programs written in C, C++, C# or other Framework-based languages, and debugging such services can be fairly difficult.

A few months ago, inspired by other OSes that allow writing services as simple shell scripts, I began to wonder if there could. Mar 15,  · Writing a Useful Windows Service in Five Minutes [Dave Fetterman] * The RunInstaller line is necessary for invoking the skayra.comler class during service install.

We'll touch on this later. Windows Services are really easy to write, and are often the. How do I create an installer for a Windows Service that I have created using Visual Studio?

Writing a Useful Windows Service in .NET in Five Minutes [Dave Fetterman]

How to create an installer for Windows Service using Visual Studio. Ask Question. Augmenting InstallShield using Windows Installer XML - Windows Services. IsWiX Windows Service Tutorial.

IsWiX Windows Service Video. share. Since we are tracking our Windows Service by writing some logs to file called, we can test the working condition of our Windows Service by looking at this log file.

Windows Services in C#: Adding the Installer (part 3)

just click "Stop" link in the Services window by selecting our TestWindowService. I explained how to develop a Windows Service and install it.

I follow Kelsey's first set of steps to add the installer classes to my service project, but instead of creating an MSI or installer I make the service self installing/uninstalling.

Here's a bit of sample code from one of my services you can use as a starting point.

Windows service c writing service installer
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